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Portable Ultrasound Equipment

In the world of medical, practices want answers for their customers, which is why we offer a wide range of SonoScape Portable Ultrasound solutions to ensure practices feel confident that they can provide the right answers, at the right time. 

SonoScape is one of the leading providers of ultrasound to this day. SonoScape has been developing successful and well-known ultrasound systems that have been used worldwide for over 30 years. This company has extremely high quality standards, and has been awarded the ‘Quality, Service, and Excellent Products’ award. SonoScape has a state-of-the-art production line on which it manufactures parts for its ultrasound machines as well as high performance, high density ultrasound probes. They build 256-element probes, 1.5D probes, and probes for better tissue harmonic imaging. SonoScape products utilise the latest technology in imaging and diagnostics.

Discover our range of SonoScape Ultrasounds currently available for your practice.

Siemans Healthineers Advanced Ultrasound

Enhance your diagnosis with improved imaging performance and adaptive technologies with ultrasound machines, solutions and services from Siemans Healthineers. For instance, advanced Ultrasounds from Siemans are able to address your clinical requirements while also offering the versatility and functionality you need for confident diagnosis.

Delivering a new era of imaging excellence. Explore the likes of Siemens Healthineers’ ACUSON and discover how you can experience taking ultrasound to new heights.

Siemans Healthineers introduces a new ultrasound system: the ACUSON P500, FROSK edition providing advanced imaging for veterinary practices. The ACUSON P500TM FROSK is a portable, ultrasound system. It is extremely easy to use and provides excellent 2D and colour Doppler imaging thanks to built-in sophisticated technologies migrated from Siemens’ ACUSON S Familyof premium ultrasound systems.