x ray warning light signs

Fail to safe X-ray warning light

The PLH Medical Veterinary Fail to Safe room x ray warning lights are compliant to HSE IRR17 Working with ionising radiation guidelines. The bright LED panel is both energy efficient and also easily viewable. Supplied with or without the optional contactor should the light fail a signal is sent to the contactor and the X-ray units’ power is disengaged.

For X-ray generators other than those used for diagnostic radiology, are designed to be automatic and fail-safe, i.e if the warning device itself fails the exposure will not proceed.

Veterinary Warning lights

Powered by mains, our LED fail to safe x-ray warning light allows your practice to remain smart and compliant.

Displaying a clear visible warning to indicate a controlled area, when in use the sign will display a red ‘DO NOT ENTER’, notifying all staff members the controlled area is not to be entered.

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