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Introducing ground-breaking Vet-CT products and services for decades

PLH Medical is delighted to have been chosen as Siemens Healthineers™ Veterinary Partner for advanced Veterinary CT imaging solutions. With an increased demand for high level diagnostics in Veterinary Healthcare the go.Now CT from Siemens Healthineers™ provides the answer.

Interleaved Volume Reconstruction

Use the measured data as effectively as possible with Interleaved Volume reconstruction (IVR).


  • Extract the maximum amount of diagnostic information from measured data.
  • Enhance spatial sampling in z-direction, independent of pitch.
  • Evaluate smallest structures such as lesions or fractures.

Take your Veterinary CT system even further

Increase your Vet CT system’s speed performance and gain further clinical flexibility in animal usage.


  • Increase workflow efficiency and improve reconstruction rates thanks to stronger hardware.
  • Gain additional clinical flexibility in angiography, lung imaging, and orthopaedics.
  • Increase the performance of the processing functionalities of Vet CT View & GO.

All SOMATOM go.Now Vet CT Scanner’s that are installed by PLH Medical includes, site surveys, project management, delivery, installation and up to 15 days training with on going online support. Our collective services between PLH Medical and Siemens Healthineers™ are second to none; making us a bench mark in the veterinary imaging industry.

We have not only been successful with the SOMATOM go.Now Vet CT scanner on technical specs, innovative features and the performance but also on the unwavering support of both PLH Medical and Siemens Healthineers™, and the “holding hands” approach from our experts from planning to installation to training.

We have put together a fantastic Veterinary CT package, which is supported with a bespoke Vet CT service maintenance and clinical applications package. A key aim of the SOMATOM go.Now Vet CT concept was to minimise your initial cost of investment. Therefore, the scanner components and underlying software algorithms were specifically chosen for reliability, remote serviceability, and extended tube lifetime.

With a Top level maintenance contract, referred to as “Tops with Tube” you can expect cover that means absolutely no surprises for 5 years, service support 8AM to 8PM, next day parts delivery and fitting. Let’s not forget to mention online support and monitoring! Other options are available.

If you would like more details about our Vet CT Packages please contact us

Vet CT Scanner

Vet Computed Tomography

SOMATOM go.Now Vet Scanner

SOMATOM go.Now makes high-quality care accessible and helps you run a successful business – allowing you to keep an eye on profitability and stay competitive. The CT scanner features a unique tablet-based mobile workflow and comes with workflow and usability innovations that improve efficiency independent of the individual user’s level of experience. It delivers great results for routine scanning and a completely redesigned service model
combined with an innovative workplace design helps reduce costs.

Vet Computed Tomography

SOMATOM go.Up Veterinary Scanner

SOMATOM go.Up comes with technology that is completely new to scanners of its kind making advanced procedures available for daily practice. The CT scanner features a unique tablet-based mobile workflow. In addition, it includes an innovative workplace design and an entirely redesigned service model to reduce costs. Making high-quality care accessible, it allows you to stay competitive and keep an eye on profitability.


Vet Computed Tomography

SOMATOM go.All Vet Scanner

SOMATOM go.All enables all users to confidently take on advanced CT procedures. The CT scanner features a unique tabletbased mobile workflow, user guidance with GO technologies, and exclusive innovations such as Tin Filter low-dose technology. It is built for standardisation of procedures and results, and allows operators to interact with patients in a more personalised way than ever before. A cardiac package is available on this scanner.

Vet Computed Tomography


SOMATOM go.Top supports all users to provide the best possible scan for every type of patient – no matter the clinical demands and challenges. It is built for personalisation of processes and care, allowing every operator to optimally adapt to the individual patient and indication while interacting with patients in a more personalised way than ever before. The CT scanner features a unique tablet-based mobile workflow and can produce excellent results for the full clinical spectrum including Dual Energy imaging. A cardiac package is available on this scanner.

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