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For over 40 years, PLH Medical has been a trusted supplier of new and refurbished veterinary equipment and veterinary accessories.

Along with imaging solutions, PLH Medical also provides a comprehensive range of veterinary accessories and products including monitors, tables, lighting, cassettes, protective wear, and other veterinary medical supplies.

Selected from well-known and trusted companies all of these products are reliable, effective and of the highest quality. Our large selection of accessories will outfit your practice at prices that fit within your budget. If you cannot find what you are looking for please call our friendly team who will be able and happy to assist you.


x ray table

X-ray tables

We have a wide variety of radiographic tables available to choose from. These include a basic rollaway table to an elevating, fourway floating table top.

wall hangers

Wall hangers

Stainless steel swivel hangers for ease of use. Ideal for practices that are looking to save space. Wall racks with one, two, three or five hangers available.

veterinary dental units

Dental units

Each dental care unit we provide is of the highest level and offers features and benefits to meet the needs of practices of all sizes. We also offer high-quality accessories to pair with our units.

lead lined plasterboard

Lead lined plasterboard

It can be installed as an inner layer where fire rating is required or as a smooth finished surface to receive a plaster skim coat and final decoration.

x ray cassettes

X-ray cassettes

These cassettes are designed and suitable for all types of radiographic examinations and provide consistent quality in an affordable cassette.

thyroid collar

Thyroid collar

Lead protection when you need it the most. Maximise your radiation protection and limit exposure to ionizing radiation with our thyroid collar.

lead mittens and gloves

Lead mittens & gloves

Our lead protection slit mitt is part of a wide selection of radiation shielding accessories. This lead glove has lead protection for the top part of your hand and a slit on the bottom to allow for gripping.

lead gloves

Lead gloves

Sewn flexible lead vinyl gloves with supple vinyl cover and foam liner.

lead apron

Lead apron

The lead apron is a staple piece of kit for all radiology professionals and practices. Maximise your radiation protection with a range of lead aprons from us.

foam positioning

Foam positioning

Made from high-quality radiolucent polyester foam which has a polyurethane coating. These are dirt resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for use with small animals.



Designed to display multiple patient parameters on one easy to read screen. Multi-parameter monitors offer a flexible solution during critical care.

veterinary operating lights

Ops room lighting

Quality lighting is essential in the practice operating room. We offer a variety of high-quality LED surgical lights to meet the needs of today’s operating rooms.