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Digital Radiography

PLH Medical are leading the way in the field of Veterinary Digital Radiography (DR). PLH Medical offers DR equipment solutions for every budget, space and patient volume criteria enabling radiology professionals to capture, process and view high-quality digital images within seconds.

Advantages of digital radiography

Wondering what the advantages of digital radiography can bring to your practice? Digital x-ray imaging can deliver a higher quality of care to your patients, provide you with better x-ray image quality to work with, eliminate the need for chemical developers and improve efficiencies across your entire practice.

Digital radiography provides so many advantages over conventional film that it’s easy to see why practices are making the transition to digital x-ray systems in waves. In addition, your clients expect to find modern technology in your practice. When you go digital, you provide expert treatment to your patients — while improving the efficiency of your office, saving time and money.

There’s never been a better time to go digital

When you purchase digital x-ray equipment through PLH Medical, we’ll manage all components of your x-ray imaging upgrade — and remain your first and only support call. More downtime means less revenue, so our entire focus is ensuring a seamless transition to the latest digital x-ray imaging equipment.

Prices on today’s most popular digital x-ray equipment are extremely competitive. PLH Medical’s direct relationship with the top x-ray equipment manufacturers allows us to secure the lowest prices on the market on your behalf.


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