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Autoclave Machines

Veterinary Autoclave machines from Midmark VetAssure range of B and S class sterilisers are your perfect partner for instrument processing in today’s busy veterinary environment. Efficiency and capacity go hand in hand. Increase your practice’s efficiency when you increase your instrument processing capacity. Autoclaves from Midmark are designed to optimise sterilisation output.
Furthermore, they also help to reduce time and effort, but not effectiveness.

With thanks to the cutting edge research and development of Midmark’s talented and experienced engineers, all Midmark Class B autoclave sterilisers are now able to achieve even more rapid Class B cycle times of up to 20% faster with our exclusive, QuikSteam ™ technology.

VetAssure Autoclave B18 & B23

Midmark VetAssure Vacuum Autoclaves B18 & B23

Reliable, extremely durable and uncomplicated to use, the Midmark VetAssure range of B class veterinary sterilisers come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. A state of the art medical machine that features a sleek Italian design to enhance the look of your surgery, the VetAssure autoclave range retains easily wipe-able surfaces and optional data capture facilities for effortless record keeping. Available in either a standard 18L chamber or a longer chambered 23L for larger veterinary practices and/or the sterilisation of larger instruments, we have something to suit all practice needs and requirements. We also offer a variety of flexible water solutions to comply with your requirements.


VetAssure Autoclave B18 & B23

VetAssure Autoclave Steriliser S18 & S23

Midmark VetAssure Autoclaves S18 & S23

Whether you use your steriliser all day every day or less frequently, the Midmark VetAssure is the reliable, cost effective unit for your practice, processing unwrapped instruments for immediate use. We recognise that the autoclave steriliser is a crucial behind the scenes workhorse in your practice, providing a critical step in ensuring sterilised instruments are available on time for your next patient. Our speedy, reprogrammed cycles ensure rapid throughput and no bottlenecks in your instrument workflow. The Midmark VetAssure standard 18L chamber is ideal for medical veterinary use in small and medium-sized practices. Alternatively, consider the longer chambered 23L version, which still sits comfortably on a standard workbench, but is perfect for higher throughput surgeries or instruments used on larger animals or for specialised procedures.

VetAssure S18 & S23

VetAssure B60

Midmark VetAssure Autoclave B60

Alternatively, for larger veterinary establishments or those with a higher medical instrument turnover, we recommend the larger chambered Autoclave Midmark Vetassure B60 steriliser. With a wide range of rapid cycles and a single phase plug for a complete user-friendly operation, the Midmark Vetassure B60 features a low water consumption, making it an affordable and eco-friendly addition to your practice. All Midmark’s sterilisers are manufactured to EN 13060 and CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. For the UK, they also meet the requirements of the HTM 01-05 guidelines.

VetAssure B60


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