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Portable X-Ray Machine

The TMS portable X-ray machine unit family covers all the specific needs of the radiographic examination where mobility is essential. There are three versions TMS5-3,3kW, TMS150-15kW and TMS300-30kW. All these solutions require only a standard mains plug. Their compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability enable these units to move easily even in narrow corridors or wards with little room to manoeuvre.

Portable X-ray systems are packed with top of the range features. These features allow you to produce high-quality images in a short amount of time. Furthermore, veterinarians as well as physicians can also keep a mobile x-ray unit with them for emergencies. These systems do not take much time to deliver a digital image. This can help significantly to save lives.

There are many advantages of having a mobile X-ray machine. Firstly, the unit can connect to any laptop or desktop device. This allows you to load all the digital X-ray images onto your device without going through a significant amount of trouble. The images can then be transmitted to the practice instantly through the internet. Traditional X-ray machines require a dark room with expensive features to develop an image. Portable Mobile X-ray machines also offer medical images instantly. This can help save a healthy amount of time and money.

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