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Medical High Frequency Generators

High Frequency Generators

For many years high frequency generators have been an attractive alternative to conventional heating. Furthermore, high frequency generators are a source of energy indispensable in industrial processes of dielectric and induction heating. Technological processing of material, which undergoes dielectric loss, are considerably less energy- and time-consuming thanks to these generators.

Furthermore, with the use of HF generators, the X-Ray room becomes much easier to use. With less mathematics involved and high patient through-put, the high frequency generator allows for a faster return on your investment.

Operators can choose from and reprogram to their own preference each of the 100 APR programs distributed across 10 anatomical bodily regions. Available for a wide variety of powering options for both radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures, the MS HF LC Series of high frequency radiographic generators continues PLH Medical tradition of providing hospital grade quality components.

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