ACUSON P500,FROSK edition

ACUSON P500, FROSK edition

Siemens Healthineers engineered the compact and powerful ACUSON P500™. A portable ultrasound system to equip your practice with a powerful line-up of applications. It is your go-to platform to evaluate clinical manifestations, facilitate accurate diagnoses, and to assist procedures in emergency and critical care. 

The ACUSON P500TM FROSK is a portable, ultrasound system. It is extremely easy to use and provides excellent 2D and colour Doppler imaging. This is with thanks to its built-in sophisticated technologies migrated from Siemens’ ACUSON S Family of premium ultrasound systems.

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The ACUSON P500TM FROSK is a portable, ultrasound system. It is extremely easy to use and provides excellent 2D and colour Doppler imaging thanks to built-in sophisticated technologies migrated from Siemens' ACUSON S Family™ of premium ultrasound systems.  The ACUSON P500 introduces two new premium technologies that continuously provide sharp ultrasound images, regardless of animal or probe motion - Dynamic Persistence and patent-pending Auto Flash Artefact Suppression. Working together, these technologies detect movements that affect image quality, and automatically reduce noise while simultaneously enhancing colour sensitivity for clear images.
  • The durable industrial design allows for rigorous use, and easy storage.
  • Weighing under seven kilograms, the ACUSON P500 FROSK is equipped with a battery option that offers up to 60 minutes of scanning time.
  • The system is ideal for any setting where performance is critical and space is limited, helping vets make quick clinical decisions.
Higher Image Quality The ACUSON P500 improves image quality with exclusive motion correction and a diverse range of applications and features designed specifically for your area of expertise and needs. With Siemen’s innovative technology, image quality is paramount. Reduce motion artifacts and noise while simultaneously enhancing color sensitivity with Dynamic Persistence and Auto Flash Artifact Suppression technology. Visualize subtle tissue variations with Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast enhancement, enhance anatomical detail with Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding and optimize images with one button, employing TEQ™ ultrasound technology Leverage Clarify™ vascular enhancement (VE) technology that uniquely utilizes power Doppler flow information to enhance B-mode imaging Faster Scanning ACUSON P500 offers a wide range of innovative applications that make diagnostic and therapeutic exams less complicated and more standardized. Exclusive automated solutions available only with ACUSON P500 improve scan time, expedite workflow and increase operational efficiency. Perform a wide range of exams with the Stress Echo application, which creates user-defined protocols and offers flexible review formats and visual analysis Improve accuracy and reproducibility with the eSie Measure™ workflow acceleration package, the first application that provides automated measurements for routine echo exams Reduce training time, variability in skill and operation errors with eSieScan™ Protocol, a unique semi-automated guided workflow designed to automate and simplify routine tasks. The ACUSON P500, with its unmatched diagnostic and workflow solutions enables you to work more efficiently, consistently and clearly with powerful applications that enable you to increase patient throughput. Improve visibility with Needle Visualization Enhancement that employs unique multi-beam spatial compounding and other optimization techniques while still maintaining excellent image quality, especially at steeper angles. Utilize wide range of transducers that cover multiple applications Reduce noise for image clarity and minimize artifact caused by ablation technique using the newly engineered SwiftLink™ catheter connector for ACUSON P500.
ACUSON P500 Ultrasound System Brochure

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