Siemens Acuson NX3

Rapid change in veterinary healthcare has created a real need for ultrasound imaging that is built on productivity and efficiency. Yet when faced with limited budgets and growing patient demands, finding a smart solution that truly meets this need is often challenging.
Siemens is driven by their commitment to help you meet all your imaging needs. The Siemens ACUSON NX3™ Series ultrasound systems embody – in many ways – what you love about smart technology. Built specifically around the way you work, the ACUSON NX3 Series systems are simple and uncomplicated, yet powerful. When form meets function, the result is intuitive and smart ultrasound systems that will help promote your highest levels of performance.
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See more with the largest display in its class • A 21.5-inch high-resolution display allows you to see more details in less time. Scan more with a streamlined control panel • Designed for ultimate productivity and flexibility, the newly redesigned control panel has up to 28% fewer keystrokes* and 3x more user-customizable settings to help you scan faster. Do more with an intuitive touch display • A 10.4-inch high-resolution display with instant response technology allows for faster selection of imaging protocols. • Exclusive features at the tip of your fingers such as syngo® Auto OB measurements will allow you to perform routine anatomical measurements  faster than traditional solutions. Expand your vascular insight • A Siemens exclusive, Clarify™ Vascular Enhancement (VE) technology reduces image noise and artifacts in vascular studies, producing exceptional definition that promotes detection of vascular disease. Uncover more clinical detail • Increase your field-of-view by up to 32% with our linear VF12-4 transducer. • See more clinical detail with Siemens’ exclusive 220° EC10-5w endocavity transducer offering up to 75% larger field-of-view than standard probes. Experience higher resolution • Ideal for breast and musculoskeletal imaging, the Siemens exclusive 16 MHz transducer delivers advanced superficial imaging to support your disease characterization efforts. Maximize your system uptime • Featuring a state-of-the art digital architecture and optional 24/7 Siemens Remote Service, the ACUSON NX3 Series offers high uptime and optimal performance. Optimize your capital investment • The ACUSON NX3 Series offers fully compatible and scalable transducers, which can reduce your up-front investment by an average of 31%*. Extend the life of your system • Built with clear and economic paths to upgrades, the ACUSON NX3 system offers easy and quick access to the most up-to-date ultrasound technologies. * Data on file. Results may vary.
Siemens Acuson

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