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Welcome to PLH Medical Ltd

Established in June 1977, PLH Medical Ltd has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of X-Ray imaging equipment and solutions across its markets in the UK and internationally.

Whatever your demands in practice, PLH Medical has an advanced and wide range of leading edge X-Ray imaging equipment to suit your needs. Over many years PLH Medical has developed enviable working partnerships with some of the most respected names in our profession. The cornerstone of our success has been based on the values of uncompromising customer service, product reliability and true value for money.


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Is your practice at risk?

The Crucial Choice Between Genuine and Refurbished Parts

In the fast-paced world of medical imaging equipment, the decision to replace or repair parts is a critical one. When faced with this choice, opting for genuine parts over refurbished alternatives can make all the difference in the performance, longevity, and safety of your equipment. At the forefront of this commitment to excellence is the emphasis on sourcing parts from official AGFA dealers, with PLH Medical proudly standing as the sole authorised dealer in the UK.

It’s worth asking the question, why do genuine parts matter?

Genuine AGFA parts are precision-engineered to meet the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance, consistent results and a major reduction in unexpected and expensive breakdowns. Investing in genuine parts is not only securing the long-term durability of your equipment but also the safety of your practice. When it comes to medical/veterinary equipment, safety is paramount. Genuine AGFA parts are manufactured with strict adherence to quality and safety standards, reducing the risk of malfunctions. There’s heavy risk in using independent businesses that are refurbishing spare parts as they have not been through AGFA’s verification or validation. PLH Medical do not use, sell or offer refurbished parts as we do not feel this is the best and safest option for customers.

The role of official AGFA dealer means we have exclusive access to a comprehensive range of genuine and most importantly, NEW AGFA parts. This ensures you are getting authentic components directly from the manufacturer. Purchasing from us also guarantees access to expert guidance and advice having worked with AGFA for a long time.

Not only do genuine parts matter but the way in which they are installed matter too. Genuine parts deserve precise installation. PLH Medical’s team of AGFA-qualified engineers have the expertise and knowledge needed to install tricky components keeping your equipment in safe hands.

All official AGFA-trained engineers for installation ensures that your equipment remains within warranty guidelines. This not only protects your investment but also provides peace of mind knowing that any potential issues will be addressed promptly and effectively.

The choice between genuine and refurbished parts extends beyond mere functionality—it’s a commitment to the reliability, durability and safety of your medical imaging equipment. Partnering with PLH Medical, the exclusive AGFA partner in the UK, guarantees access to authentic AGFA parts and the expertise needed for seamless installation. Choose excellence, choose safety—choose genuine AGFA parts for a more resilient and enduring medical imaging environment. 

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PLH Medical: latest milestone

Mental Health Priorities

At PLH Medical, our mission extends beyond providing the latest in innovation for the veterinary industry, it’s about fostering a workplace environment that prioritises the well-being of our team members. We’re incredibly…

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Our 2024 Goals

As we stride into the promising realms of 2024, PLH Medical sets its sights on a multitude of initiatives that promise to redefine our presence in the veterinary industry. In this comprehensive blog post,…

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Meet Jordan Oddy: Blending veterinary expertise and sales

Meet Jordan Oddy: Blending veterinary expertise and sales.

Our New Sales Field Representative

Jordan Oddy, our newest Field Sales Representative at PLH Medical, brings a…

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Choosing the Right Ultrasound System for Your Veterinary Practice

Ultrasound technology has become an indispensable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. From pregnancy evaluations to abdominal scans and cardiac examinations, ultrasound systems offer invaluable insights into the health and well-being of animals. However, with…

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The Advantages of Digital Radiography in Veterinary Practice

Diagnostic imaging is a vital component of veterinary medicine, enabling accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans for our animal companions. In recent years, digital radiography has emerged as a revolutionary technology, transforming the way…

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