Autoclave Machine

Midmark VetAssure Autoclave B60

The Veterinary Midmark VetAssure Autoclave is ideal for general veterinary use in small and medium sized practices. The Midmark Vetassure Autoclave will sit comfortably on a standard work bench and is ideal for higher throughput surgeries or instruments used on larger animals or for specialised procedures.

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Midmark VetAssure B60

Alternatively, for larger veterinary establishments or those with a higher instrument turnover, we recommend the larger chambered Midmark Vetassure B60 steriliser. With a wide range of rapid cycles and a single phase plug for a complete user-friendly operation, the Midmark Vetassure B60 features a low water consumption, making it an affordable and eco-friendly addition to your practice. All Midmark’s sterilisers are manufactured to EN 13060 and CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. For the UK, they also meet the requirements of the HTM 01-05 guidelines.
Midmark VetAssure Sterilisers Borchure

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