Autoclave Machine

Midmark VetAssure Autoclave S18 & S23

The Veterinary Midmark VetAssure Autoclave is ideal for general veterinary use in small and medium sized practices. The Midmark Vetassure Autoclave will sit comfortably on a standard work bench and is ideal for higher throughput surgeries or instruments used on larger animals or for specialised procedures.

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Midmark VetAssure S18 & S23

Whether you use your steriliser all day every day or less frequently, the Midmark VetAssure is the reliable, cost effective unit for your practice, processing unwrapped instruments for immediate use. We recognise that the steriliser is a crucial behind the scenes workhorse in your practice, providing a critical step in ensuring sterilised instruments are available on time for your next patient. Our speedy, reprogrammed cycles ensure rapid throughput and no bottlenecks in your instrument workflow. The Midmark VetAssure standard 18L chamber is ideal for general veterinary use in small and medium-sized practices. Alternatively, consider the longer chambered 23L version, which still sits comfortably on a standard workbench, but is perfect for higher throughput surgeries or instruments used on larger animals or for specialised procedures
Midmark VetAssure Sterilisers Borchure

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