Agfa Dura-line Range

AGFA’s brand new Dura-line range, the XD detectors are robust, versatile, and cost-efficient. Available in either XD 10, XD+ 10, XD 14, XD+ 14, XD 17 and XD+ 17 these wireless detectors provide exquisite image quality with a wide field of view and a Caesium Iodide scintillator. Suitable for even the busiest of practices, its durable lightweight design is partnered with an outstanding 15 hours operating time on two batteries with no charging necessary.


Why choose the Dura-line XD?

  • Intuitive MUSICA workstation offers a reliable interface and fast image workflow
  • 15 hours operating time on two batteries, no charging necessary
  • Fast reliable communication based on 3 Wi-fi antennas and a built-in hotspot
  • Shock resistant design for up to 1m height drop
  • Suitable for neonatal, extremities and special examinations
  • Supplied with a charging cradle to charge up to two detectors at once

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