AGFA Dura lineAgfa Dura-line Range

AGFA’s brand new Dura-line range, the XD detectors are robust, versatile, and cost-efficient. Available in either XD 10, XD+ 10, XD 14, XD+ 14, XD 17 and XD+ 17 these wireless detectors provide exquisite image quality with a wide field of view and a Caesium Iodide scintillator. Suitable for even the busiest of practices, its durable lightweight design is partnered with an outstanding 15 hours operating time.

Why choose the Dura-line XD?

  • Intuitive MUSICA workstation offers a reliable interface and fast image workflow
  • 15 hours operating time on two batteries, no charging necessary
  • Fast reliable communication based on 3 Wi-fi antennas and a built-in hotspot
  • Shock resistant design
  • Suitable for neonatal, extremities and special examinations


XD 10


With a detector size of 10 x 12″ the XD 10 is the smallest panel in the Dura-line range. Ideal for Equine Practices, the XD 10 is built with a shock resistant design, lightweight, and has a long battery life, so you can have the confidence of an accurate diagnosis whilst being in even the most challenging situations.


XD 14


XD 14

The best choice for any small animal practice, the XD 14, with a detector size of 14 x 17″, fits into any standard bucky tray. With up to 15 hours battery life, the XD 14 can be used throughout the day, offering convenience and added flexibility. With a wired or wireless option, you can choose which on suits your needs best.


XD 17

 XD 17

Our larger Dura-line panel, with a detector size of 17 x 17″, is the perfect choice for imaging larger animals, or just when a bigger picture is required. With an intuitive MUSICA workstation that offers a user-friendly experience and fast image processing, you can get high quality images in an instant.

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