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Siemens CT Imaging Solutions

With a growing demand for high-level diagnostic imaging. The new SOMOTOM Scope 16 slice CT provides the answer in the world of Veterinary Healthcare. This is with thanks to Siemens CT imaging solutions. Due to PLH Medical’s reputation for leading-edge technology and joined with Siemens Healthcare’s global innovation in the area of CT, the new partnership looks ready for success.

Access to Siemens Healthcare innovative imaging and laboratory diagnostic technology may help improve your ability to diagnose and treat your patients. With a proud history of technological innovation, Siemens Healthcare has a choice of new and refurbished systems. Especially those that are looking to extend routine diagnostic imaging services to more patients. 

High-quality, affordable care.

If you are currently looking on how to deliver high-quality, affordable care to as many patients as possible, while optimising your practices’ financial performance, then the SOMATOM Scope from Siemens provides the answer. By focusing on the essence of CT, this cost-efficient scanner delivers outstanding image quality, at the right dose.

The SOMATOM Scope is highly reliable and easy to use. This is because the SOMATOM saves you time and effort throughout your daily routine. The SOMATOM is a flexible service model that helps keep your overheads under control. This provides a safeguard for your practice’s long-term competitiveness.

Healthcare providers around the world have long relied upon Siemen’s engineering excellence – leading-edge, high-quality medical technology across a broad portfolio. In addition, their solutions touch an estimated five million patients globally every day and help to continuously improve their clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Which is why PLH Medical is delighted to have been selected and chosen as Siemens Healthcare’s official Veterinary partner.


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