Meet Jordan Oddy: Blending veterinary expertise and sales

Meet Jordan Oddy: Blending veterinary expertise and sales.

Our New Sales Field Representative

Jordan Oddy, our newest Field Sales Representative at PLH Medical, brings a wealth of experience from his background as a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN). Having earned his bachelor’s degree in 2018, Jordan has explored both small animal and mixed practice surgeries, demonstrating a genuine passion for animals and their health. Jordan’s journey reflects a transition fuelled by a desire for a people-centric role. Drawn to the sociable nature of sales, he saw an opportunity to blend his vibrant personality with a career that revolves around customer interactions and of course animals at the heart of it all. The allure of entering veterinary sales was particularly compelling, allowing him to seamlessly integrate his veterinary knowledge with the world of sales.

From his time in the veterinary industry, Jordan gleaned invaluable skills in communication, patience and learnt how to deal with stressful and high pressured situations. He learnt great life skills and how to be the best pet owner.

Joining us at PLH Medical was a natural choice for Jordan. He says “with a strong reputation as a leading veterinary imaging supplier, PLH’s ethos and values resonated with me. The company’s range of cutting-edge veterinary imaging products was a really exciting prospect, making the decision to become part of the PLH team an easy one.”

Leveraging his veterinary background in sales, Jordan adeptly communicates the benefits of products by emphasising their relevance to animal health. This unique understanding allows him to address customer concerns, build trust, and tailor solutions that prioritise the well-being of animals. “ I’m particularly excited about engaging in sales visits and product demonstrations. Interacting with customers, identifying problems, and crafting innovative solutions for a more efficient work environment” In the short term, Jordan aims to be a sponge, soaking up the wealth of knowledge from his experienced colleagues. In the long term, he envisions being an innovator, contributing to new business ideas that propel the veterinary industry forward in advanced imaging. Jordan’s experience as a vet nurse uniquely positions him to build relationships with veterinary professionals. His ability to relate, understand their needs, and navigate the intricacies of the veterinary working world sets him apart. Jordan plans to implement effective strategies to address customer needs thoughtfully.

To stay updated on the latest advancements in veterinary technology, Jordan plans to engage in continuous professional development. Attending conferences, participating in online courses, and collaborating with industry experts are part of his commitment to ongoing learning. Jordan sees himself collaborating with team members by generating ideas, supporting diverse perspectives, and fostering a positive atmosphere. His strengths in communication, problem-solving, and adaptability will contribute to a collaborative work environment.

For those considering a career in sales with a veterinary background, Jordan emphasises the opportunity to use RVN skills in a different aspect of the veterinary industry. Understanding the wants and needs of veterinarians firsthand allows for effective communication and a significant impact on patient care.

When asked for a fun fact about himself, he told us before 2023, his life might have seemed ordinary, but last year he embarked on a journey across Central and South America, exploring 12 countries. From scuba diving with sharks to climbing active volcanoes, Jordan’s adventures ignited a passion for travel and experiencing new things. His zest for life is a testament to living life to the fullest.

Jordan Oddy brings a unique blend of veterinary expertise, sales enthusiasm, and a zest for life to the PLH Medical team. His journey from veterinary nursing to sales exemplifies the seamless integration of passion and profession, promising exciting contributions to PLH’s mission in advancing veterinary imaging. Welcome aboard, Jordan!

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