MS HF Series 100kHz High Frequency X-Ray Generator

MS HF Series 100kHz High Frequency X-Ray Generator

The MS HF LC Series of High Frequency X-Ray Generator is able to deliver the highest performance and reliability. 

Operators can choose from and reprogram to their own preference each of the 100 APR programs. Furthermore,the MS HF LC Series of high frequency radiographic generators is also available for a wide variety of powering options. This includes both radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures.

The MS HF Series generators are also available as 3 phase, single phase and stored energy models. If you have any questions or queries, please visit the contact us page to see our contact details.

High Freq­uency generators match the needs of busy radiology depart­ments with today’s technol­ogy. The MS HF Series offers practices with a combination of generators and control consoles with a unique small footprint that is compatible with almost any examination room size. Each generator offers great flexibility in powering a variety of radiographic and fluoroscopic circuitry is designed to give trouble-free operation with self-diagnostic capabilities. The MS HF Series generators are available as 3 phase, single phase and stored energy models. Features:
  • Microcontroller operation delivers reliability and accurate exposure parameter management.
  • Automatic line compensation.
  • One-point (kV, w/ AEC), two-point (kV, mAs) and three-point (kV, mA, sec.) operating modes.
  • Automatic Exposure Control option.
  • APR operating mode with 100 examinations distributed across 10 anatomical regions.
  • Simple and user-friendly technique reprogramming procedures for operators to customize their own APR charts.
  • Automatic parameter correction for adult and patient sizes, tissue density and fi l/screen speed.
  • Manual override technology allows the operator to modify the recommended kV, mA and time.
  • Sophisticated self-diagnostic capability and descriptive, digital error messages allow for a fast and well-defined initial diagnosis.
  • Compact design and display console are ideally suited for small control rooms.
  • Automatic tube overload protection; selectable at 80% or 100% maximal load.
  • Stored energy versions available.

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