Finance your diagnostic imaging

The tech industry is moving quickly, and we believe that no practice should be left behind. That’s why our goal has been, and will continue to be, bringing affordable, high-quality tech to practices around the UK.

Our latest step to make that a reality is working closely with Siemens Financial Services to bring 12 months interest free to those purchasing a brand-new Agfa Duraline XD14. We believe this will help bridge the gap between practices using older tech, allowing an easier, more affordable route to introducing direct radiography into daily routines.

AI supported image processing and increased workflow leads to faster and clearer diagnostic images, which means pets can spend less time under anaesthetic and more time recovering.

We believe the Agfa HealthCare Duraline XD14 will be an invaluable asset for any practice, but you can see the difference for yourself as we offer free no obligation trials, paired with a free training session to give you all the tools to fully explore the XD14 capabilities.

So, if you’re thinking of investing in diagnostic imaging, pop a message over to a member of our team at

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