Types of X-Ray Machines: Different X-Ray Equipment and Uses

The x-ray was first discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, and since then many different types of x-ray machines have been produced. The best x-ray equipment for your practice will depend on your typical patients, and factors such as space, and desired speed of results.

Different Types of X-Ray Machines

At PLH Medical we offer a range of different types of veterinary & medical x-ray equipment for our clients. Whether you are in the field of radiography or radiology we will be able to ensure that you have the best x-ray equipment for your patients, both human and animal. We have an extensive range of medical imaging and portable x-ray machines which are extremely popular, due to their versatility. Portable x-ray machines can improve waiting times, reduce costs and enable a quicker diagnosis and hence quicker treatment and recovery.

Chiropractic X-Ray

Chiropractors use x-rays as part of their imaging diagnosis and progress indicators, as they show very clearly the position of the spine, and how the vertebrae are working together. If you carry out an x-ray after a series of treatments, you will be able to see how the vertebrae have adjusted, resulting in less pain, and better spinal health. Portable equipment for taking an x-ray will be extremely useful for a chiropractic x-ray, as the results from this type of x-ray are available quickly, for quick feedback to your patients. We will be able to advise on the best type of x-ray for your patients and your usage.

Stationary X-Ray

A stationary x-ray is an invaluable piece of equipment where you have sufficient space to house it. Having a dedicated area set up for x-rays is useful in larger veterinary practices or medical centres. The moveable arms on a stationary x-ray enable you to x-ray from all sides and angles. The resulting image is of exceptionally high quality and can be useful for identifying hairline fractures, which may not show up on images of lesser quality.

Podiatry X-ray

An x-ray is a useful diagnostic tool for a podiatrist. It can be helpful to see if the bones of the foot are damaged by injury, arthritis, or another cause, having the ability to x-ray the foot can help pinpoint a more accurate diagnosis. A portable x-ray machine will be able to offer a quick result so that treatment is not delayed whilst waiting for x-rays.

Veterinary X-ray

It isn’t just humans that break their bones but animals too. Veterinary clinics need the ability to x-ray their patients so that they can correctly diagnose breaks and fractures in animals of all shapes and sizes. Small animal and large animal practices will vary in their requirements for equipment and will need to choose the best fit for their practice. Portable x-ray machines can be an excellent addition to any vet practice, giving vets the ability to bring the equipment to the animal, rather than the other way round. Our range of x-ray devices gives a practical piece of equipment that will give you good results quickly and simply, allowing you to provide a swift diagnosis for your patients, both large and small.

Portable X-ray

Portable x-rays prevent the need to have a special dedicated area set aside for x-rays. It allows you to move the machine to the patient rather than vice versa. This can be quicker and more cost-effective. It enables you to quickly and simply provide an accurate diagnosis, and begin treatment swiftly. A portable x-ray is an incredible asset to medical, dental, and veterinary clinics.

Handheld X-ray

A handheld x-ray device allows you to x-ray hard-to-reach or awkward places, or limbs at odd angles. They are useful for tight or restricted areas, where it isn’t possible to get a larger piece of equipment. A handheld x-ray means that you can take x-rays in a greater range of locations. They are commonly used in dental practices and can be taken to volunteer events to encourage a greater degree of engagement with the general population and their dental health.

Dental X-ray

X-rays are used in dental practices to assess the level of treatment needed. Most dentists use portable x-ray machines to give them instant insight into the health of their patient’s teeth and the bones in their jaws. The level of detail in dental x-rays is extremely good, and they use x-rays over time as a way to monitor changes in the teeth and bones of the jaw. A dental x-ray device is a necessary piece of equipment in the modern dental clinic.

How to Choose The Best Medical X-Ray Machine?

At PLH Medical we have a wide range of medical imaging and x-ray machines that are suitable for different clinics, from medical, and dental to veterinary. Our selection of portable devices is extensive, and we can offer advice on the best type of portable x-ray device for your setting and usage, simply take a look at our range of portable devices today.

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