PLH Medical go green

With the sheer scale of the global challenges ahead of us, thinking about the future may be a scary thought. The responsibility of our planets health relies heavily on us to act now before it’s too late, and this isn’t just within the private sector, businesses should be leading the way and setting the standard.

This is why here at PLH Medical we are taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet. With our customers all over the UK, we rack up quite a few miles a year! This is why we have recently invested in the use of electric vehicles, including installing a charging port at both our Blackpool office, and at our users homes. So now we can get to you quickly and with less environmental impact! We also pledge that our future vehicles will be purchased with fuel efficiency and environmental impacts in mind, hopefully one day soon we will be running a completely electric fleet!

Our building is equipped with motion sensor lights meaning they don’t stay on longer than needed, and in the rooms where these are not installed our staff are encouraged to switch lights off when they leave. To minimise energy consumption all our lights our turned off overnight and double checked before the building is vacated.

Now something the UK is great at is drinking tea, and our office is no exception! However, all our milk is sourced locally from a nearby farmer, both reducing impact and supporting local business. It’s a win-win! We also encourage all our staff to take part in recycling by having recycling bins readily available in the office kitchen and the office itself. Our warehouse staff also re-use the boxes we are sent to reduce packing waste.

To help you help our planet, our engineers are dedicated to offer in depth services to help extend the life of your equipment.

Our aim over the next few years will be to push ourselves to lower our carbon footprint even more, if you are interested in seeing what you can do to help, we highly recommend taking a look at the following sites;

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