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Software Round Up For Remote Working

In the last few weeks, working remotely has significantly increased as companies have started to encourage their staff to work from home and limit the spread of COVID-19. However, even before this pandemic, remote work was on the rise in terms of popularity.

When working remotely whether just temporarily or for the foreseeable future, technology can either help save time or become a burden. Even if you already familiar with using digital tools, you’ll likely still need to utilise new software that can streamline the remote work process. With so many things to oversee — from tracking your projects to making sure to keep in touch with other remote working staff, the software you decide to utilise has never become more important.

You’ll soon discover that you will need to make significant adjustments when working remotely, especially if you are used to working in an office for a long time.

Zoom Video Conferencing

With Zoom, you can discuss tasks that need more explanation or catch up with the rest of your colleagues for a face to face chat. Another great feature is that you can share your screen, which means that you can show a colleague sitting on the other end how to do something.
You can set up invitation-only meetings, so only those will be able to access the video conference, who had been invited. This means that you won’t be interrupted by random calls, as this app is tailored for serious (or not so serious) meetings. What’s more, you can create ‘Zoom Rooms’ which are conference rooms built for team collaboration. This is what sets Zoom apart from other competitors, that they are making an effort to create a professional space for teams to share and implement ideas. Find out more about this great software and try it for free.


TeamViewer is the perfect solution for our remote engineers to access a computer securely at a remote location. It can also allow our service team to access their office computers, data and software from their home.
When providing technical support to resolve an issue that cannot be solved with troubleshooting over the phone, we turn to remote access.


Managing several projects at once is no easy feat. Managing several projects when your colleagues are remote can be even trickier, especially without the right tools. Trello is an easy-to-use web-based tool for managing projects that can be used for individual task management or project management for an entire team. It lets you assign tasks to individual team members or a group of team members, and it tracks deadlines.


If you have bulk files, you may not be able to share these over email, as some don’t take attachments larger than a certain size, which you’d then have to upload and share via apps like Google Drive or WeTransfer. This is where Dropbox comes in. Remote workers can use this to organise large files, by simply uploading the documents, and even organise them in terms of months and send you a message once the work is submitted. Recently, Dropbox announced the launch of Paper, a separate app like Google Docs to allow people to collaborate in real time.
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