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Top 5 Tips to Keep You Motivated

Most of us would consider working from home to be great, but it’s important to use your time at home productively. It’s can become far too easy to become distracted and lose your motivation, which means less productivity!

I’ve spent a significantly large number of years working from home and was keen to get back into the office environment when working at PLH Medical Ltd. Nevertheless, with the recent government guidelines of social distancing, it has meant that I have returned to the remote working environment and day to day obstacles.

I know what it’s like and what you may be about to encounter. It’s not all roses, especially when you are trying to focus on your daily tasks and stay motivated. This post will outline 5 tips on how I stay focused and motivated while avoiding the possibility of sabotaging your productivity when working from home.

Bribe yourself

I have discovered that rewarding myself for good behaviour. Promise yourself that you can make a cup of coffee or dash to the kitchen to get a sneaky biscuit. But only once a particular task or project is completed.
The anticipation of your reward not only offers you the motivation to keep working, it can make you work faster. Think about it. Why wait until 1.30pm for your caffeine fix when you could have it at 1pm?

Have a dedicated work space

Not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated office, and that’s ok. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can set aside a small area that’s dedicated for work-related activities.

When you’re in that space, determine that only work-related activities will happen there. If a family member is at home during the day, ask them to treat that area as they would an office; meaning while you’re there, you’re not available.

Making the couch “your office” rarely works. Working on the couch not only causes distraction, but it also isn’t good for your body. I recommend a comfortable desk & chair and use it. Having this clear delineation between ‘home’ and ‘work’ will help you, and those around you when creating work and home boundaries.

Maintain a base level of pressure

I find I work best when I have deadlines. The more time I have allotted for a project, the slower I work and the less I get done. This is where self-set deadlines come in handy. Provide yourself with tight but realistic deadlines in which to get specific tasks done. This will help you weed out distractions, providing you with a better focus as you work to meet your daily goals.

Resist the urge to stay in your pajamas

I believe that the clothes you wear have a genuine impact on your work performance and productivity. When you wear sweats or pajamas, it can feel like you’re not really working, leaving you more open to distractions. Make a point of getting dressed every day, just as if you were going to the office. Your clothing could be the factor that boosts your productivity and motivation.

Build in regular people-time

Working from home means also means more isolation. Even for introverts, being alone day in and day out can take an emotional toll. This could be an increased problem due to the governments guidelines following the UK lockdown. To make sure you stay motivated and productive, build regular in-person networking into your weekly schedule. This could be attending video conference calls with colleagues during your break time or dropping in with family, friends and loved ones out of hours.


Without the proper checks and balances in place, working from home can easily lead to feelings of isolation and a serious lack of motivation. Planning for success is key, and the top 5 tips above should help.

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