Remote Working – Keep the norm

It’s quite overwhelming to think that this week there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people joining me this week by working from home due to the corona virus outbreak.

The outbreak has triggered an anxious trial run for remote work on a large scale and it’s now day two in my new remote working life and I still feel that everything is manageable. Cabin fever hasn’t yet set in, I still feel motivated and my mental health is still positive. However, I can imagine for individuals who are now on perhaps week one, or even week two, their feelings may have shifted.

Keep the norm

I am trying to keep things as normal as I possibly can. This means waking up, showering, getting dressed (avoiding pyjamas!) doing my hair and makeup. Despite it only being day two, I make an effort to contact my Operations Director every morning for a debrief of the day; it’s also nice to speak to another human being! I’m always sure to drop the obligatory ‘good morning’ message in our Microsoft Teams chat. It always puts a smile on my face when the rest of the team reply back – it makes me feel less isolated.

I feel it’s important to wake up early and “get to work” on time. My office may now only be a few steps away, but I still need to make that clear transition from “home” to “office”. I feel that a late start in the day can quickly become a bad habit. Routine is certainly becoming my best friend.

Make a schedule

After my debrief I find that it’s helpful to put together a schedule for the day ahead. This provides me with a map of my objectives. For instance, today I know that I will be attending a meeting this afternoon to discuss the existing contingency plans with the office. I will be joining this meeting via webcam – which is another good reason to look presentable! You never know when you’ll be called upon. On the bright side, I get to see the remaining employees who are still stationed in the office and potentially check to see if anyone’s stolen any of my stationery from my desk in my absence.

Working from home or remotely means that it’s imperative to have self-discipline and the ability to manage your work. My experiences will also be shared on my Twitter account – I’d love to hear from you if you are also working remotely.

Gemma Wilson
Marketing & Communications
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