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Love Your Imaging Equipment

A patient’s health is undoubtedly priceless, but it’s no secret that your equipment is very important and a key investment within your practice. Therefore, it’s important to take care of your imaging equipment by having it serviced regularly. At the very least, an annual service is capable of extending the lifetime of your equipment, which means less time worrying about downtime or a replacement. Until your next annual service, why not show your equipment some love with our helpful tips!

• Avoid any impact on the probe head.
• When cleaning any probe use warm soapy water. Avoid any harsh or abrasive cleaning.
• If your scanner is battery powered, ensure it is stored with a fully charged battery.
• Avoid moisture of any kind on the scanner, especially near openings and vents (unless waterproof).
• Have your scanner serviced yearly to remove any dust or hair that may build up.

• Regularly clean the screens with a lint-free cloth.
• Restart the full system at least once per week.
• Perform roller cleaning when prompted.
• Don’t install unknown software on the X-ray machine.
• Ensure you have your equipment serviced annually.

• Do not leave it in a vehicle overnight.
• Regularly clean the equipment to prevent dirt/moisture getting into the system.
• Remove the battery from the plate when not in use (to prevent battery discharging).
• Never overcharge your DR batteries, remove and stop charging when 100% or green light is shown.
• Ensure you have your equipment serviced annually.

Preventing the bigger issues
Did you know that by requesting an annual service from PLH Medical, it allows our qualified engineers to spot potential issues before they develop into bigger and more expensive ones? Our engineers can offer advice and provide on-site assistance and even remote support.

To arrange your annual service, contact our service team by email or phone on 01923 237521.

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