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Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID) Support

We’re incredibly excited and proud to be involved in the latest Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID) cargo of veterinary equipment and medicines that are being sent out to Indonesia (for the orangutan vet teams). PLH Medical Ltd has always celebrated the importance of working collaboratively and proactively with a number of charities and the Orangutan Veterinary Aid is no exception. We hope that our contribution of veterinary equipment along with the other thoughtful companies and individuals (who have also donated) is able to assist the hardworking teams situated in Indonesia.

What is the Orangutan Veterinary Aid?

Formed in 2014, Orangutan Veterinary Aid is a zero salary, voluntary run charity dedicated to providing veterinary equipment, medicines and practical veterinary presence and assistance to Orangutan rescue groups and centres in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The charity actively assists veterinarians working in the field or Orangutan conservation through up-skilling, training programmes, and the OVAID Bronwyn Watson Scholarship.

The charity also considers it vital to spread awareness of the negative effects of deforestation for the Orangutan, countless other wildlife species and human populations.

OVAID Charity

With the assistance of J.A.K. Marketing, PLH Medical Ltd has been very keen to assist the OVAID charity by donating lead aprons. Lead aprons are a fundamental necessity required to shield volunteers and staff from radiation when using x-ray machines. Staff at OVAID were in need of new protective equipment to allow them to use their equipment safely. The existing sets of aprons owned by the charity were old and starting to degrade; making them potentially unsafe to use.

J.A.K. Marketing is pleased to be helping UK based charity Orangutan Veterinary Aid by donating 10p from every pack or roll of their Purfect Disposable Drapes purchased. And for every box, they will donate 50p to OVAID. To find out more about the work OVAID do, please visit their website http://www.ovaid.org

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