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Making the move from CR to DR

67% more exams per day. 3285 more patients each year, 8.16 minutes time savings per exam. Up to 50% dose reduction. The numbers are impressive, tempting – and real!

These are actual results experienced by one practice when switching from CR to DR. Combined with decreasing cost and improved return of investment, benefits are making DR an increasingly attractive investment for veterinary practices.

Many practices are now making the move from computed radiography (CR) to digital radiography (DR). Especially with DR becoming an increasingly attractive choice. While some veterinary practices are in the midst of this move, others are still weighing up their options.

Even though both technologies share certain similarities, often the differences between them may not be evident until after the CR has been replaced with DR within a practice. 

Incremental increases in productivity are critical to help veterinary practices handle ever-larger numbers of patients while balancing staffing requirements, and successfully providing value-based care. The workflow improvements with DR enable veterinary practices to care for more patients without increasing staff levels.

The improved image quality possible with DR supports greater diagnostic capability and confidence, further enhancing the role of radiology as the hub of patient care. From an investment point of view, the cost of DR continues to decrease. As practice productivity has increased with DR, the return on investment (ROI) has also improved. Modern DR detectors can be shared between rooms, devices and operational units, allowing practices to creatively maximise investments.

Allow us help you make the choices that maximise your investment, and bring you the greatest benefits! Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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