AGFA DR14e – Go Digital With Digital Radiography

Your opportunities are endless with DR (digital radiography) because it offers a number of important advantages over traditional X-ray equipment and film processing. Have you been considering making the switch to DR, but are unsure about making a change? A quick look into the benefits of switching to DR may help!

Image Quality:

DR x-ray systems are able to produce excellent quality images. The images are also processed more efficiently. This provides better quality results in less time, a win-win for any veterinary practice.

Return on Investment and Cost:

With no chemicals or film processing to be done, this makes digital radiography a more environmentally-friendly option. This eliminates the recurring cost of processing both film and chemicals. It also frees up the time and money involved in disposing of them once they are used. DR x-ray systems offer a significant return on investment from their upfront cost. This can be highlighted through a number of ways such as, improved consistency, fewer retakes and reduces the time your staff must dedicate in order to process the images.

Lower Patient Dose:

Digital radiology systems offer lower radiation dosage for your patients. Depending on the specifics of your current systems, this reduction in dosage can be very significant. Digital image receptors are far more sensitive to low levels of radiation in comparison to film/screen. This means that they require less quantity to produce a diagnostic radiographic image.

Low Maintenance:

Digital radiology systems have no moving parts. This means that there is less chance of mechanical related wear and tear.


Storage of images occurs on servers or PACS such as Vethub, rather than physical archives of hard copies that need to be manually maintained.

Wireless Functionality:

Many of your everyday gadgets and tools are wireless, so why not go wireless with your compatible x-ray equipment as well? User-friendly wireless capabilities allow for portability of the systems themselves. Not only wireless is available but also wired options too. For example, the DR14e from AGFA Healthcare can be configured to either option based on your specific practice needs.


DR x-ray technology can be integrated with your existing technology and practice systems. This reduces the stress and possible problems of an upgrade or transition.

There is no question that digital radiography is here to stay. PLH Medical can help your practice get up to speed and utilise the best technology that’s available to you. Contact our helpful and friendly team today!

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