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When was your last Digital Processor or X-ray Service?

Your digital processor and x-ray service should always be in line with the manufacturers’ guidelines by a manufacturer-trained engineer. Your digital processor and X-ray equipment are an integral piece of kit. This also means that they need to be included in your annual maintenance and testing schedule that you should have in place.

Take care of your investment

A patient’s health is undoubtedly priceless, but it’s no secret that your X-ray machines and digital processing equipment are a very important and a key investment within your practice. Therefore, it is important to take care of your diagnostic imaging equipment by having it serviced regularly. At the very least an annual service is capable of extending the lifetime of your equipment, which means less time worrying about downtime or replacement.

Preventing the bigger issues

By requesting an annual service from PLH Medical, it allows our qualified engineers to spot potential issues before they develop into bigger and more expensive ones. Our engineers can offer advice and provide on-site assistance and even remote support.

Keeping your equipment clean is fundamental to any practice, but how clean is your equipment on the inside? Our engineers can run full diagnostics circuit boards to ensure everything is working and calibrated fully. Much like a computer, X-ray and processing equipment contain fans that help keep the internal components cool. Unfortunately, fans don’t fair very well against loose dust that can often become trapped which can easily block a fan and prevent it from functioning correctly. Circuit boards are undoubtedly very pricey, a quick clean can help prevent this easily avoidable expense.


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Are you up-to-date?

An annual digital processor or X-ray service by PLH Medical allows our engineers to update your equipment’s software. This can help prevent bugs in the system or provide necessary upgrades recommended by manufacturers.

Speed up your system

Over time your system can become clogged up with information and files. This can cause spontaneous crashing and can drastically slow down the equipment. For X-Ray equipment that is connected to the internet, our remote engineers can securely login and also clean up your X-Ray system. This can be performed quickly and without the need for an on-site visit. Furthermore, our PLH Medical engineers can also clean and update software, check error logs as well as view how much memory your equipment has remaining.

When was your last service?

Can you remember the last time your equipment received an annual service? Or did you wait until a problem arose before seeking advice? Has your equipment broken down in the past? Were you forced to turn customers away or even had a patient waiting for treatment?

Nevertheless, PLH Medical strongly recommend servicing your equipment annually. Updating software, checking and cleaning equipment internals, are just some of the reasons why an annual service can prevent an inconvenient and expensive breakdown at the worst possible moment.

Is your current service contract covering your practice’s needs?

With a variety of different contracts available. We are confident that we will have a tailored plan that suits all your needs and specific budget.

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