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The new lightweight Agfa Equine DR solution combines the new DX-D 45 Digital Detector with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED). The DX-D 45 Digital Detector with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) also offers a fast and effective way for radiography facilities. This allows you to benefit from high-quality digital imaging when using any X-ray equipment.

  • The easiest and most versatile way to go Direct Digital.
  • High resolution, light-weight and small cassette-sized detector offer optimal convenience and portability.
  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) allows seamless use with virtually all X-ray systems, maximizing the use of the existing X-ray equipment.
  • Improved workflow and examination speed.
  • MUSICA processing for excellent contrast detail and exam-independent, consistent image quality.

Faster and more efficient workflow.

The DX-D 45 is an integral part of an Agfa HealthCare Instant DR solution. This is because the DX-D 45 includes the NX image acquisition software with MUSICA processing and detector. Most of all, these cassette-less and filmless solutions provide a range of workflow benefits that improve productivity and speed up exam time. Furthermore, retakes can be made faster without changing cassettes. To complete the workflow, images can also be sent faster to a PACS or imager in DICOM format.

MUSICA Image Processing.

In addition, Agfa’s dedicated solutions for vets include their proprietary MUSICA imaging processing and also their popular NX workstation. Together these solutions are able to provide high-resolution scanning with unparalleled image quality. This could also be due to its ability to automatically analyses the characteristics of each raw image and optimising the processing parameters, independent of body part or dose deviation. This means there is no need for technical expertise. You get maximum detail, with minimum fuss.

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