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Veterinary CT Image

Veterinary (CT) Computed Tomography 

PLH Medical is delighted to have been chosen as Siemens Healthineers™ Veterinary Partner for advanced Vet CT imaging solutions. With an increased demand for high level diagnostic imaging in Veterinary Healthcare the new SOMOTOM Scope 16 slice CT provides the answer.
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Focus on clinical excellence

Increase your clinical capabilities with a scanner that supports daily routine while striking the perfect balance between the right dose and excellent image quality.

Image Quality Really Matters

Image quality is essential for accurate diagnosis. SOMATOM Scope delivers crystal clear images across a wide range of clinical applications. At the core of this innovative CT is a 24-row adaptive detector array that collects 16 slices of data simultaneously, with sub-millimeter isotropic accuracy. Featuring the high-performance UFCTM (Ultra Fast Ceramics) detector material, it delivers bright, crisp images. Proven Siemens tube technology enables small focal spot sizes for greater detail, and enhances results on the x-y plane resolution with Flying Focal Spot technology.

Even in the most challenging cases, SOMATOM Scope produces excellent image quality. Adaptive Signal Boost amplifies low signals when high attenuation is present, such as when imaging large patients or patients with metal implants. This reduces streak artifacts, ensuring correct HU values are maintained without compromising on spatial resolution. By analysing signal quality and integrating information from neighboring detector elements into areas with low signals, it can reduce image noise by up to 50%*. Thanks to the SureViewTM reconstruction algorithm, SOMATOM Scope can produce first-rate images even at higher scan speeds. This feature provides that the scanner selects the right pitch value for the defined coverage and scan time, while retaining slice thickness and image integrity. This can be particularly valuable for performing submillimeter lung scans without reducing axial image quality. Plus, Siemens breakthrough Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space (IRIS) accelerates reconstruction while reducing image noise by up to 25%.

Vet CT Scanner

Vet CT Scanner