Digital Radiography Solutions - AGFA CR 15-X

Digital Radiography Solutions – AGFA CR 15-X

With its versatility and integration delivering increased workflow, the AGFA CR 15-X helps you maximize your return on investment.

The New AGFA CR 15-X provides quality and compact design. It is also capable of all plate sizes and can be used with the new Needle Image Plate (NIP) technology.

Furthermore, this table top digitiser is based on proven Agfa HealthCare technology. This includes a modular yet robust design combining affordability. In addition with high image quality, adjustable speed and a user-tuned workflow. Versatile, this computed radiography (CR) digitizer can handle a broad range of digital radiography applications.

The total cost of ownership remains low, thanks to its ease of installation, maintenance and use, making it an affordable way to move from analogue to digital. If you have any questions or queries, please visit the contact us page.

The New CR15X provides quality and compact design. Processes all plate sizes and can be used with the new Needle Image Plate (NIP) technology.

How does Needle Phosphor work?

Traditional Computed radiography systems use storage phosphor plates known as powder plates. The active layer consists of microscopic phosphor crystals, held together by a binder. The new needle plate leads to better image quality than a powder plate for two reasons. The needles act as light guides, thereby strongly reducing light spread in the phosphor layer. As a consequence, image sharpness is much higher at equal thickness. Also, no binder is present, which implies a higher phosphor packing density and, thus, a higher X-ray absorption. Needle Phosphor plates have the ability to provide a number of real performance improvements over the standard powder phosphor type. High absorption of X-Ray photons in the phosphor layer is a prerequisite for good image quality A thicker phosphor layer can be used improving the conversion of X-Rays to light thus improving the conversion and reducing the dose up to 55%. In needle phosphor screens the light scattering is minimal thus improving image sharpness. The CR15X is supplied as a package with cassettes, a 23” Dicom viewing screen and advanced NX/Musica2 workstation.
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