Multiparameter diagnostic touch monitor

Midmark Diagnostic Monitor

Designed to be compact, lightweight and durable, with an intuitive interface to make Midmark’s monitors easier to use. Designed for accurate and reliable blood pressure readings in anesthetised and awake patients.

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Enhance your clinic's efficiency

  • All areas including exam, treatment, surgery, recovery
  • Monitoring patients as they move around your hospital
  • Mobile practices and field monitoring purposes
  • World Class Cardell® BP, Nellcor™ SpO2
  • Standby mode for enhanced patient workflow and alarm management
  • Screen lock/unlock to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the monitor
  • Automatic Trend Capture
  • USB for downloading data and uploading software


Bright 7" touchscreen display with anti-glare coating for better viewing from any angle Animal-specific alarm settings provide quicker patient set up Fixed touch selection provides quick and easy access to most-used functions 10 hour battery life with 5 minute auto mode for blood pressure allows for increased mobility  

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