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Digital Radiography Solutions

Looking for an affordable way to move from conventional to digital imaging? Look no further than Agfaâ™ compact table top Computed Radiography (CR) systems. Our Computed Radiography solutions are outstanding and a true market leader.

  • All images are scanned in high resolution.
  • Very fast processing speeds.
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading of cassettes.
  • CD Burner with image viewing software.
  • Body part specific algorithms for Chiropractic Radiography.

When used in conjunction with Agfaâ™ popular NX image acquisition software and MUSICA image processing it is no surprise that PLH Medical™ solutions are some of the most widely used in the Chiropractic profession.

A recent and really exciting development has been the launch of Needle Phosphor technology to our Healthcare customers. This allows for your new CR15X digitiser to reach much higher levels of diagnostic clarity than were possible with the use of the traditional Phosphor CR plates.