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Medical Imaging Equipment

High Frequency Generators

Operators can choose from and reprogram to their own preference each of the 100 APR programs distributed across 10 anatomical bodily regions.


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High Frequency Generator


PLH Medical has long been recognised as a market leader in the area of Chiropractic diagnostic imaging. With hundreds of installations across the UK our advanced imaging solutions we believe are second to none.

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Medical Chiropractic Solutions

Digital Radiography

Looking for an affordable way to move from conventional to digital imaging? Look no further than Agfa™ compact table top Computed Radiography (CR) systems. Our Computed Radiography solutions are outstanding and a true market leader.


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Mobile Applications

The TMS mobile radiographic unit family covers all the specific needs of the radiographic examination where mobility is essential. There are three versions TMS5-3,3kW , TMS150-15kW and TMS300-30kW. All these solutions require only a standard mains plug.


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Medical Mobile X Ray Applications

Portable Radiography

PLH Medical have a complete range of portable radiographic solutions to suit any application. Designed for the job, we tailor our solutions for military applications, forensics or any emergency care or ambulatory requirement.


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Medical Portable Radiography Imaging Solutions

Radiographic Tables

A wide variety of models are available to choose from, including your most basic rollaway table to an elevating, four-way floating tabletop radiographic table able to handle caseloads up to 300 kg (660 lbs.).


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Medical Radiographic Tables